London wedding photographer Andrew Alexander, smiling


My journey as a wedding photographer started way back before the invention of the iPhone, YouTube and even before Facebook.


In a sense photography is all about the past, freezing moments so that we can look back but it’s also about sharing our experiences.


I have experienced many different things over the years: earthquakes, helicopter rescues, venomous snakes but most importantly to you I have experienced weddings. Loads of them. I know what to expect and how to handle the things you can't plan for.


In general I try to avoid over-styling and let the scene and people speak for themselves. I suppose that's my style. I love catching moments as they unfold rather than spending ages constructing scenes. That way the photos look more natural and you can simply enjoy your day.


I'm very lucky to have Alice and Roberto as part of my team to help everything run smoothly so I can focus on what matters.

They are both talented photographers with lovely personalities and when working as second photographers allow me to be in two places at once, so I never miss a shot.


I’ve had the privilege to see my work published internationally, win some awards and be exhibited in fantastic locations but the real joy of being a photographer is in the response to my photos. Even after all these years I’m always delighted to hear how thrilled couples are with their photos.



Alice is a very talented young photographer who finds humans immensely fascinating. Alice’s photography aims to capture lives and express something of what makes each personality undeniably unique.


Roberto has always been fond of composition and the beauty of photography. He spent 7 years working in a top drama school, teaching students how to use cameras professionally. He now photographs all sorts of things from landscapes to people but what he loves more than anything is capturing the moment.


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London wedding photographer Andrew Alexander, smiling
London wedding photographer Andrew Alexander, smiling